HMD Rotation moves world & chaperone grid

Hello! I have this strange issue that came up out of nowhere. After months of the VR camera working just fine, now when I rotate my hmd, the chaperone grid and the world moves with it in weird offset ways.

I am not sure how else to describe it. I’ve experimented with the lock to hmd and pawn rotation settings, but looking back thru version control, my camera settings are the same as when it worked just fine.

No idea what else to try.

Thanks for any feedback!

Is this for steam VR or the Oculus chaperone system?

Does quitting the game or editor restore the chaperone boundaries?

Are you bumping your base stations or cameras at all?

Have you tried rerunning your room setup?

Looks like it was a checkbox for lock to hmd on a 2nd camera I use under special circumstances. Weird because it wasnt active.