HMD not turning on after using UE4


I’ve visited Oculus Forums, Google and left a question on Epic Answer HUB and so far have not seen anyone with the same issue. My next recourse is to see if Oculus knows anything about it.

I am able to run Oculus Home and play games just fine. If I decide to work on a VR game in UE4, it works as well. No problem. However, here is where my problem begins. On the event I shutdown UE4 then Oculus Home and decide later on to fire up Oculus Home, the usual white light will turn on and when I put on the headset, it will turn on but then a few seconds in, everything turns off and the little white light turns orange while Oculus Home is still running.

I have tried, reinstalling all my drivers and Oculus Home. Switched between Oculus Core 2 and the original. I’ve even reinstalled Windows and Unreal Engine 4. Unplugged sensors and HMD. Unplugged monitors. Close and Open Oculus Home.

Restarting my computer seems to fix everything.

***Has anyone else encountered this issue and/or might know of a solution? ***
I obviously don’t want to restart my computer everytime I want to use my Rift so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!!

I am using Windows 10 with the Creator Update.
Nvidia GTX 1070
Intel i7 2.8ghz
32gb RAM