HLOD Generated Clusters with Overlapping/missing uv Lightmaps

Using Hierarchical LOD outliner to generate HLOD cluster for a larger environment. After Generating clusters and proxies certain clusters burn black. Opening up the actor clusters that burn black i can see the generated light map uvs are missing or overlapping. Setup a test map with HLOD volume around specific set of assets to test fixing. All actors within cluster utilize index 0 for texturing (overlapping UVs) and index 1 for light map index (no overlapping uvs). Still generates light map that has overlapping/missing light maps for cluster asset. Trying to find a setting to specify when building clusters to specify light map merge should utilize channel 1. Feel like its utilize channel 0 that has overlapping uvs for material setup which is in turn causing light map burning and overlapping uvs. Attached are images of settings and results that I am encountering. Any tips , tricks, and help would be greatly appreciated. let me know if you have any more questions on settings either.