Hitevents generated on rolling?

Hello! I have a physics simulating BPs that play impact sounds on hits. However, one of these assets is a barrel, which can roll.
While rolling, this barrel continuously makes impact sounds which sounds very off. How do I avoid hit effects on rolling?

Is there a way to manage a threshold of what is enough of an impact to count as “hit”?

if you are generating hit events you are generating hit events. Doesn’t matter what how or why.
If a surface is set to block and returns a hit on an object that is set to have it return a hit via collision a hit will be returned.

you would have to set up something like an arrow, check the direcrion of the force of the impact against the arrow and decide if you should play a sound or not.
assuming the barrel can rotate independently from the arrow that is.
Actually unsure on how I’d set this up. Needs some testing…