Hitching and jitter in packaged clean project

I found that in a packaged 2.23 project there was a recurring hitch more than once per second. Gutting the project didn’t help so I checked a completely new project and it had the same problem. 2.22 has the same issue for me. I checked “stat unitgraph” in the console but it didn’t provide any insight or response to the hitching. I’ve attempted to use other profilling tools to no avail, I haven’t the experience to profile efficiently. My GPU driver is fully updated. Switching to forward rendering didn’t help. Disabling various features with “showflag” commands in the console didn’t help though I didn’t check all features. Playing in the editor is fine.

I’ve linked a video below, the video isn’t a perfect representation but if you pay close attention you can see the regular hitching at points.…2005-39-04.flv

I have a 1080ti, 64gb ram, and a ryzen 1700 for what it’s worth.

EDIT: Ok, so I turned off “Smooth Frame Rate” in the project settings and it works fine now.