Hit a Snag with regards to NavMesh and how I'm building my game. Will I need to start over?

Hi There! I’m currently working on an “endless runner” type of a game. However I believe for the AI I want (chasing players) I will need to utilize AI Actors to chase the player. My understanding is that can ONLY be achieved with a navigation mesh. The way I built my endless runner, revolves around the use of static meshes for the “landscape” that are spawned in via triggers. So I don’t believe I can use a navigation mesh. If I flip my navigation system to “dynamic” the game will freeze up over and over as it tries to load in a new navigation mesh. So I’m at a loss.
Should I rebuild my entire logic to handle streaming levels in a random order? If so, how?

You should be able to use dynamic nav mesh. It can update quickly without causing the freezes you are getting, so I’m not sure what’s causing that. How large is the navigation bounds volume? If it’s absolutely huge it might be an issue.

Use dynamic. You could spawn invokers at the direction that you are running and removing them if they are off certain distance. Just make the nav bounds volume is large enough to cover everything for that level.


Did you find a workaround this ? I’m running over the same problem for ages.

I did this (see demo_level.png) in the level blueprint.

The navmesh seems to move with the player but somehow the green part which is the RecastNavMesh-Default from my understandig doesnt move and stays where it I placed the navmesh.

Try changing your project settings to only use dynamic modifiers, but then I think you have to have invokers on everything that should be able to affect or spawn navmesh tiles.

Another thing to try is instead of making a really big navmesh bounds volume, or moving it along, you can try to find a way to keep the player within it without it looking like they are teleporting.