HISMs with multiple different static meshes or variants

Any LOD, HISM experts?
Trying to get HISMs working for a crowd scene using multiple static mesh characters(each driven by VAT )
But with a single HISM component you can only choose a single Static Mesh to be instanced.
How do you get HISM’s to work with multiple different Static Meshes?

Each HISM component can only ever represent one mesh. If you need multiple meshes use multiple HISM components.

Just to clarify “Each HISM component can only ever represent one mesh”
so if I am instancing 1000 actors using 2 different static meshes I would use 2 AddHISMs, not 1000?

Each HSIM “Component” represents 1 static mesh “asset” with no real bounds to the number of instances.

If you add an HISM component to an actor you can see this in the details panel.
1 static mesh, and an ARRAY for the instances.

So, yes 2 HSIM’s for 2 static meshes (unique).