Hiring Unreal Developers in Orlando, Florida

Are you interested in using your Unreal talents to create training simulations for the U.S. military? We are hiring senior software developers for a full-time position in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Senior Serious Game Engineer

Develop interactive 3D virtual simulation software using the Unreal game engine in an Agile team environment. Participate in relevant aspects of application design cooperating with software engineers, subject matter experts, and instructional designers. The responsibilities are broad in scope require a self-disciplined person who is detailed oriented.

• Participate in application design in cooperation with subject matter experts and instructional designers
• Adhere to software team’s established processes and tools
• Develop design documents
• Provide feedback during design and peer code reviews
• Participate in sprint planning and estimating
• Implement and document assigned software capabilities
• Create unit tests for software features
• Show commitment to company values, ethics, safety, security, labor charging, and quality
• Flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and work priorities
• Works under limited supervision and direction

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Game Development preferred.
• Minimum 5 years of software development experience required.
• Experience with Unreal Engine 4 is required.
• Good interpersonal communication and team-oriented skills.
• Programming proficiency in C++ including C++11.
• Multiplayer/network applications, 3D rendering, and game development experience is highly desired.
• Must be able to obtain a security clearance.

Contact our team for more information:

Do you guys ever work with remote teams @simblocks? I know you are hiring for a local person in Orlando, but it’d be great to chat with you more about any gaps you have in your pipeline while you search for a candidate. Cheers!

Not at the moment, but we will keep it in mind for future opportunities.