Hint about how our plugin can get into custom depth pass?

Hello, we would appreciate if someone could give us a hint where to start looking if we want our plugin (gFur) be able to be rendered in the custom depth pass. We have checked on the component and shader, but no luck so far.


For anyone having similar problem, this was a good hint:

If they have their own component/proxy inherited from UMeshComponent/FPrimitiveSceneProxy, they could look at within the proxy the FPrimitiveViewRelevance struct which should be filled within

virtual FPrimitiveViewRelevance GetViewRelevance(const FSceneView View) const override*


FPrimitiveViewRelevance Result;

Result.bRenderCustomDepth = ShouldRenderCustomDepth();


This should make FMeshBatch being dispatched for the custom depth pass IIRC.