High Quality Terrain Asset Pack & Tutorial Series

Everything is looking top notch, been waiting for this for DAYS, glad to see it getting wrapped up and ready for launch.

Ocean Islands Terrain Pack, Quick Test from few days back that only just got uploaded. The materials are finished for this pack too now, Ill try to get up the finished mat examples for this pack by Monday but it’s my Birthday tomorrow and im out on the lash tonight with the crew so no guarantees what state ill be in tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Looking really good, texture composition is superb, really realistic.
Keep up the good work!

amazing !
have you submitted ?

Yeah, Just taking time to finish things of as there are 4 separate packs being sold, and each pack has 15-20 Terrains per pack. So nearly 100 to go through ready to make release ready, all the maps are done it’s just slow setup with UE4 with my little I5 2.66 ghz, 4gb main mem, AMD hd 5850 ancient graphics card. Ive got some more stuff to upload tonight if i can get the time.

Right!, It’s Friday. Have A LOT more to show but having issues with uploads to my youtube page with the vids. 4 Packs are now complete, Ocean islands, Grassy Hills, Grassy Mountains, Deserts. Each pack has 15-20 terrain per pack and material set-ups including procedural foliage and grass system set-ups. Now if my nasty internet connection can sustain long enough i can get the final preview videos out, Non of this rubbish screen shot nonsense that doesn’t allow any kind of viewing and evaluation of the Environments like others trying to compete with me with are showing with sub standard terrains viewed from selective screen positions to fool buyers.

That’s why i do Videos, If others on here want to compete with my Terrain work the very least they should do is create fly through NON matinee examples within editor environment. Even the most terrible of Landscape design can have one or two camera view points for still shots that look OK. Buyers deserve to see the real picture, not a staged shot.

Release of packs Immanent. Videos and Final PDF brochures to view all included terrains should be up and ready by Sunday. :slight_smile:

very good work :wink:

Looking forward to this :slight_smile:

@KingBadger, I have released assets on Unity Asset Store and late last year got one listed on the Unreal Marketplace Trello.

Many of us understand the challenge of “day jobs” while trying to work on our passion and things that give us passive income.

As I mentioned in another thread I have been trying to “break”/“transition” into game development and game assets etc. from web development.

Suffice to say I am surprised I haven’t been banned from the Unity forums because of one super nasty post aimed at a Unity employee no less (he took it professionally and accepted my apology).

Bottom line is this: Your assets look good, people want them, and it’s just about sorting out the deployment system. As for payment, cash flow from online sales is always very different from freelance or salary payment - not just in time but the psychology as well. All the best.

I empathise with your financial situation but sometimes the timing of things don’t always slot in perfectly. You’ve obviously got good skills and I’m sure you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

All the best, will edit this post with some comments about your website.

Edit: PDF links on first post don’t work.

do you release all the packages in the same times ?

Very lovely work on that last terrain. I might pick that package later when needed.

when will these be released?

Any new info about the release?

Release Soon.

Ocean Islands Terrain Pack Vol.1 Preview shots PDF: [Ocean Islands PDF]( Ocean Islands Vol 1.pdf)

Terrain Grassy Rock Vol 1 Preview shots PDF: [Grassy Terrains PDF]( Rocks Vol 1.pdf)

Need to add the other 4 Preview shots to the Islands pack, Ill do that tonight. Cheers J

great !
thanks, have you got Pdf about desert landscape ?

Ive updated the Ocean Islands PDF to contain the new maps added. :slight_smile:

Hey Peeps, Been a while.

All i can say is life’s been all over the place at the moment. Im going to get these out before christmas if it kills me, Problem is im a bit of a perfectionist.And each time a new version is released i want my work to use it to it’s best, but been well over a year since these were supposed to be released so just going to do it now. I can always touch up things i dont like over time, but better to just get these out to start with.

Also have about another 9 different market place packs ive made that is gaining dust, just going to do this now.

Between nearly getting evicted for months, taking a second job stacking shelfs and working the tills at my local co op to keep a roof over my head, And stop paying credit card bills that are now £14,000 ive also had bits of luck and validation of what im capable of. I may be hideously in debt due to a customer shorting me £6000 few months back that has made me close to the edge of the pitt ive also been given a glimps of light for the future.

Been working on Code alot lately, never been to uni but started teaching myself code few years back and starting to come up with some nice stuff, Mr Kozlov of AMD after looking at some of my Prototype code was good enough to send me a Fire Pro W9100 16GB GDDR5 which arrived today:

Things are looking up, Also ive been an uncle since 12 with 6 nieces and nephews, My Geek Jade got married last Saturday and wish her the best as Mrs Hobden for the future.

Not been on here enough recently but love to my Epic Peeps and all my UE4 Devs.


Oh my. She married a car? Named Hobden?

Hey KingBadger,

I dropped you a message on your web site, but, I have not heard from you. You must be hammered and busy. Still trying to reach you. If you have time, could you drop me a note?

I assume this is a dead project… AS I dropped a note here to King Badger, and I left a note and his web site and never heard anything back from him and it has been four months now.

Very sad… I was really looking forward to buying this.