High medium and low poly weapons, characters?

Hi I was wondering what the poly count for weapons are in games, like real life guns and stuff from battlefield games (I never played any of the games but ive seen them and they’re beautiful) also when making them does the artist need to make the low medium and high poly versions or can i do this in UE4?

afaik atm there is no LOD tool in UE4 like simplygon was in UDK

so you’ll have to make your own LOD’s in your 3d programm

i play planetside 2 which has 12k first person weapons not sure what the third person is, in the end its waste not want not, if the weapon only needs 3k then no point in making it 12k.

the bottom line depends on your game

Here are two LOD tutorials for the UE4

blender: ?v=17pcyPVplEc
3ds :

awesome thank you.