Hierarchical instanced static mesh vs Instanced static mesh

What is the difference? Cant find anything anywhere, so, im curious.

The hierarchical instanced static mesh is the same as ISM, but they also include LOD for instances.

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Which would be cheaper, on a model with no LODs?

If your model has no LOD, I don’t think you need to use HISM.

Just asking, which will be faster, or, is there no difference?

It depends on your mesh. If you have lots of instances and your mesh has lots of vertices, it’s better and faster to use LOD and therefore, use HISM.

Again, i specified a simple mesh, no LODs, which is faster.

go and test it… it depends on the project.

Alright, will do.

No LOD simply means no need for HISM!

HISM is derived from ISM, so they’re basically the same. I would assume there should be some additional work for LODs in HISM, but shouldn’t be significant.

But it probably is because they perform and allow for occlusion differently.

HISM : Bad occlusion handling (take it as no occlusion), LODs, Lower draw calls
ISM : individual occlusion, no LOD, higher draw calls