Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh Component wind movement

I don’t know whether this is working the way it should.

I have a HISMC and there are some speedtree trees inside. They are moving with the wind.

But every time I add a new tree to the HISMC, the wind movement get’s reset to 0. This is how it looks with one new tree per second:

I need to add and remove trees while the game runs, not only 1 per second but more like 10 per second. Then it looks as if there would not be any wind. How can I fix this? :frowning:

After 5 hours of trying out any possible setting I found what exactly is the problem.

At first I thought I made something wrong, because the bug did not occur in a new project. But the important thing is, the HISMC needs to get spawned from an Actor while the game runs! A HISMC which is created manually with “Add Component” does work. But if you create the HISMC with the “Add HISMC” Node at Event Begin Play (or at any other place while the game runs), this bug appears.

So the “real component” works, while the component which is just a variable is buggy.