Hiding under a rock

Hello everyone.

I’m currently working on a first-person survival-horror project and have been experiencing a few roadblocks when trying to implement some of my features.

Currently, i’m trying to make my character transition from standing up to hiding in a hole under a rock in order to escape the line of sight of enemies patrolling near the hiding spot.
I’m not planning on implementing animations (Such as hands or legs being shown going in or out the hole) but I would like to animate my camera to make the movement smooth.
I would like to make this a re-usable blueprint in which I can just swap the mesh of the rock to fit the environment.

My problem right now is that I don’t know what workflow process I should go for to implement this feature. Should this transition between the standing idle state and the hidden state be done through animation? Or should I make a Matinee for it even if the movements will not be in relative space? Can I just move my first person character or do I need to create another CameraActor and change my ViewTarget?

Any suggestion is welcome!