Hiding the thumbsticks on android mobile so that touch input can be used.

Hi. I’m building a mobile game for Android. The player moves around using the default thumbsticks on the screen. During the game the player enters a trigger box which triggers a camera change with Set View Target With Blend so that the player is standing in front of a machine that has some buttons that can be pushed. The camera change is a close up, so the machine with its buttons fills the screen of the mobile device.

The issue i’m having is that the thumbsticks are obscuring some of the machine buttons and the machine buttons underneath the thumbsticks aren’t responding to touch events when pressed. (i have confirmed the buttons do respond because I changed the camera angle enough so the thumbsticks don’t overly the machine buttons and they work. But this is just for debugging and the camera angle wouldn’t work for the released game).

After some advice pls on how best to handle this situation. Can the thumbsticks be made to disappear temporarily? Or can touch input still be registered benath the thumbsticks?


I think you can create 2 TouchInterface, 1 with controls and one without.
and use this node to activate the interface 1, or interface 2 when you need Activate Touch Interface | Unreal Engine Documentation
I never really used by now but i know that exist XD