Hide and Seek (Prop Hunt) - Looking for developers and artists

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This project is managed by the author of the popular Call of Duty 4 modification Hide 'n Seek, which has been under active development for roughly 5 years now. This has resulted in countless improvements and additions - mostly based on a significant amount of user feedback - over the course of the last half decade. We aim to use all this experience and history to develop a game that’s packed with features the community already loves.

More on that…
We have already been here recruiting for this game, but sadly my final exam just came into view, and I had little to no time on my hands to manage the project. I’m not giving up though, so here we go again! I’m Kristóf Morva, developer of the Prop Hunt modification for Call of Duty 4, and I’m working with Levente, my design and art oriented brother. When I started working on the original mod, it gained more attention even during the development phase than I could ever have anticipated. Over the past 5 years, I’ve received hundreds of players’ feedbacks, based on which I have continously refined the gameplay. By now the mod’s gameplay videos have reached more than a million views on YouTube, has been played by several thousand players, and there were even those who bought the whole game just so they could play this mod.
There are modifications like this implemented in a number of different games (e.g. Garry’s Mod), but all of these solutions suffer from being limited by the game itself, on which they are based. This led to the conclusion that a Prop Hunt game has a place on the market, especially given the fact that no such has been developed so far. Our goal is to create the first independent hide and seek game with an enthusiastic team of developers and artists.

The idea
We are aiming to create a standalone, free to play Prop Hunt (Hide 'n Seek) game. The name says it all, I suppose. This is a round-based game with two teams - hiders and seekers - with initially one seeker looking for hiders (disguised as objects, aka props), found hiders becoming seekers themselves, and the** round ending** when the time is up or all hiders have been found. You can read more about the original mod, check out screenshots and reviews on its ModDB page. The planned features include:

[li]Steam integration[/li] [LIST]
[li]Achievements[/li] [li]Random drops[/li] [li]Voice chat[/li] [li]Marketplace[/li] [/ul]
[li]Player (seeker) customization[/li][li]A much higher level of object (hider) customization[/li][li]Leader boards[/li][li]More game modes (random objects, multiple lives, etc.)[/li][li]Stuff we didn’t think of just yet or forgot to list[/li][/LIST]

Why are we doing this in the first place? Face it: you love playing childish games while listening to silly music like Schnappi. You just don’t want to tell people because that would endanger your manliness. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Prop hunt has been created as a modification in a long list of games, but all of those are limited by the games they are based on. We turned to Unreal to break those barriers down and allow us to finally implement a bunch of things we could never do before.

Free to play
Just as it is with the original one, the standalone version is not only created for the profits, but because we love doing this and we love the community. We would like this game to be free to play by anyone owning a capable machine. You can play hide and seek on the street for free - why pay for the digital version? If the game attracts a significant amount of players, we will be able to profit from the Marketplace (which would contain mostly cosmetic items - nothing that gives the player an unfair advantage) and a full-version of the game with more available maps and features.

Anyone developing pay to win games should rot in the hell for all eternity.

Core team
Kristóf Morva (iCore)
Project Leader

Levente Morva (skreborn)
UI Designer

Matt Boatswain (DevilsD)
Lead Programmer

Matthew Packard

Edwige Livet (Orionye)
Sound Composer

Who are we looking for?

[li]3D Artists[/li][li]Art leader[/li][/ul]
What do we expect?
[li]Some kind of reference or portfolio. Examples what have you already done, what projects have you been working on.[/li][li]The ability to commit to the project on a regular basis. If you are going on a two-week trip, we don’t mind, but it would be good if you could commit 10+ hours to the project each week.[/li][li]The willingness to sign an NDA (quite obviously).[/li][/ul]
What can we offer?
[li]Continuous support and availability from our side.[/li][li]You can use your own creativity (if you want to). We are glad if our developers come up with good ideas and solutions, so if you have any idea for improving the game, we are open to integrate them.[/li][li]Royalty payments from the total income generated by the game (including crowd-sourcing and every related income).[/li][/ul]

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: ePlayClan (Yes, it’s an old and nonsense address)

Kristóf Morva

Im a very experienced artist and i find this idea amzing.
Me and my friend CedricExi developed a similiar idea but for time reasons we never started it… **** c++ code.

Im in for enviromentdesign and 3d-art, tho i dont actually create animations and characters, but guess… i have solutions for that too.
You can watch my WIP portfolio here:

I would join if you had people for position blueprints and c++. So if you guys get someone for that so we have a secure process in actual gameplaycontent then call me back here :3

Thank you, we will definetly contact you as soon as a Blueprinter is willing to be involved! :slight_smile:

Hey, yeah i can only say, if you have a position open for her, add her. She wanted to do that kind of project, but i don’t really have time right now
to start it (got my own projects + university and other upcoming stuff). She’s a really good artist and a fun person to be around.

If you run into problems, i could help for a small amount of coins.
I’m a networking BP and C++ dev. But i sadly don’t have the time to join you completely.

Wish you good luck with the project. Would love to see a HideAndSeek Game with Mod Support (Marketplace) in the UE4.

Thanks your support though, it’s good to know the project is interesting not only to us! :slight_smile:
If you know any BP/C++ dev who may be willing to join us, we’d say a big thanks for advising the project to them :slight_smile:
Also, we’ll definetly contact you, if out future developer is less involved in networking, and we’re stucked.


Thats something new and intresting, i could join as one of the blueprint scripters. Wrote you in Skype ^^

Hey there!

I was quite interested to see your thread. Im an old school CoD Mapper/Modder as well :slight_smile:

I built a few maps for the Competitive scene run by CyberGamer as well as built one of the Promod Versions for BlackOps.

Hide and Seek in CoD4 was and still is loads of fun.

Im currently building a Marketplace asset that draws straws from the Call of Duty GameTypes and general Shooter GameTypes purely in Blueprint.

As an avid fan of the Hide and Seek Mod for CoD i would like to offer my assistance.

You can catch me on Skype, Unreal Slackers, Email or the Forums if you would like to talk more.

Good luck!

Hey! Thank you very much, we’d be glad to see your work! :slight_smile: I think Skype is the most comfortable choice, can you give us a contact there, or can you poke me? :slight_smile:


iCore.Oh yeah you’re the one don’t like put the source code public and only use server side mod, and then others needed to create the same from nothing in open warfare…

Now there is lot of people making prop hunt games.

Actually I don’t know what relation does that have to this thread, but my HNS mod is public, and is available for everyone, including the source of the script files.
And I also had to make everything from nothing, so I don’t really see the problem with private mods.

However, I’d rather not change the topic of this thread.

hahh, great game idea :smiley:
currently I’m looking for an unpaid/royalty-based project to join as a C++ programmer, but unfortunately networking is not really my area… more exactly: not yet :slight_smile:
anyway, good to see other developers from my little country.

Haha, thank you! :slight_smile:
I will be honest, I don’t know what parts of a game cannot be made with Blueprints, but if we encounter such a problem, and we have not enough C++ human resource for that, I may contact you if you wish :slight_smile:

Best wishes,

It’s so nice to see people willing to help, thank you, everybody! Awesome job, Kanizitas, keep it up! I hope to have you on the team in the near future!

Ahh I see you are starting this back up from a couple of months ago.

We made really good progress on our Prop Hunt based game, all the base mechanics are down with multiplayer supported.

The collision for the props is still and issue, manage to bypass it temporarily with an array or 2 which carries details for the collision capsule and change it when you change the prop it still isn’t perfect and there is still no way around this unless you write your own C++ movement component for a pawn class as opposed to character.

If I get a chance I will try and make a video of our last implementation which is the game mechanics pretty much complete just needs a lot of polishing.

Yea, sadly graduating took all my time.
It would be interesting to see your work too :slight_smile:

Looking forward to getting this off the ground.

Just a friendly bump, we are still looking for coders (BP / C++).
If you need any more information about the project or the status, contact us! :slight_smile:

How is the progress? Any Gameplay integrated yet? Is this off the ground?

Cause i got time now.

@Filly_The_Owl Hey! We are progressing now, but we haven’t reached actual gameplay integration yet, we are currently working on a test map and on proper prop controls & collision.
But we would be glad to extend the team, that way we could develop faster :slight_smile:

Looking back for your response,

Hey, just wanted to say that I love this kind of game. I had an idea for a sci-fi game pitting 4 soldiers against a shapeshifter with a powerful melee attack, but didn’t have the time to head up a project. Glad you’re doing something similar :slight_smile:

I am a C++ programmer, and I understand how blueprints work and when to use them, but I don’t have much in the way of free time at the moment. Let me know if you get desperate and I can at least help you get a base framework in place for someone else to carry on, but if you can find someone with more time then choose them over me :stuck_out_tongue: