Hi noob question

I just started UE4 and i imported Animation Starter Pack so i have 2 questions
first 1 is i noticed thet is only montage for shotgun so i need to create other montages from animations thet are buildted allready
second can i use this animations on characters i make so is ther some wey i take bone structure from Starter pack and put it in my Character or shoud it be done auto if i import 3dmodel whitout bones?

HI iAmSick,

regarding your first question: please watch this videos: 1.
(and the following in the playlist ;-))

2nd question: Maybe you export the default character as .fbx, but i would rig the character and retarget the animation after the import. This usally gives you a smoother result. (Look into the documentation if you would like to know how that works. ;-))

I really Hope that helps you :smiley: