Hi I'm new, and I need some help.

Hi I’m new, and I need some help.

Im making a VR game which is first person, with the ability to fly.

This is basically open world

I want an open fields with some trees, very tall grass–yellow almost like wheat.

Intent is to buy a mod to do most of the work–but I don’t know how to script for flight

My Skype: ragtube

Let me know…

You have to start with the basics of UE4 otherwise you won’t be able to do $h!t.

Start of with the basics (cup) then add materials…etc…then learn how to make water in UE4 (hint: its easy;))
3. learn how to make blueprints and how they work.
4. start to make your own materials because you won’t find good materials for free! If you find a free bed assets pack, pn me ASAP
5. Then start to learn VR.
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