HI guys I've got some questions and issues regarding to the Leap Motion BluePrint!

I am working on a project for grabbing and throwing various stuffs in the air using leap motion. I was totally new and leap motion so had to go through several documentations. But the main issue was that most of the documentations and tutorials were based on the older version of leap motion api (v.2 i assume) and I am trying to use Orion which gives me a way better hand motions.

I am trying to mimick this blue print to enable grab and detach but I can’t find input for Leap Motion Bone Actor, get Hands Actor, and get Bones Actor. Since other functions are alive, I assume they just renamed several of these.

it would be greatly appreciated if one of gurus can teach me what the other names be or possibly better solution for this problem!

Also I’ve got some questions other than that. I am trying to do the collision check of the hand (leap motion hand) , and I don’t seem to find a mesh for it to check it (Check the hand not the character mesh)

I am wondering whether there is way to access hands mesh, actor, or character that fits the event collision