Hi-End Android Phone Polygon Budget?

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE, I am new to android development and was wondering what is the polygon budget for these platforms? thanks.

Poly budget is dependent on a lot of things, namely what all is being rendered. For example the Materials, size of texture, shader instructions, number of textures (using normal maps with diff, lessens your budget more than without) what kind of lighting you are using, ect. Coming from unity and working on games using somewhere in the neighborhood of ~80k -100K triangle per scene (level with 8 characters and weapons) But that was dependent on getting textures within a budget, moving to unlit textures and lightmaps, setting up good Occlusion culling and other things.

That being said GS3 is hardly high end, with the new flagships coming out, but it is able to run what I spoke of above (it was a target device based on market share), would call it a base line tho. Not sure on Unreal mobile features yet, but like I said it depends on alot on what exactly is being rendered, and how efficiently you handle it. In general we stuck to less than 80 draw calls, and less than 50 where possible. That was relying heavily on batching. So poly count can vary by what optimization techniques you use.

Ok thanks for the tips I will look into it and do some more research and planning.