Hey just a thing on my mind.

Hello, I’m new at Unreal engine, mostly just messing around with it, got a pretty good hold of the basics, and one day after playing some big bad wolf(The wolf among us) I was quite curiuse about the fighting sence.
I’m was more like wondering how are they able to make those fight sence? I heard that it’s a so called ray…(Something) That they use for chiematic movies.
But I was wondering if that would be able in Unreal engine? And if so could someone point me in the right decretion? I seen a few things about making an cut sence and alittle one about quick time event but i simply dosen’t seem like you could make the same thing as in TWAU(Not for me aleast)

Well hope someone would answer me, quite curiose here ^^

Hi Fustyv,

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