HEY i know what to do

lets release 426 ONLY stuff so that those having issues even running 426 are left behind
GREAT idea and all these freebies CANT USE THEM so its like a sneaky lil way to say here and then take it all away…
maybe as a true suggestion is fix this issue
i had this running before your last update and now you broke it completly

installs , verifies , you open it choose games , and third person the % goes to 100 and then every thing goes away a sec and comes back non responsive

gonna have to look to godot and unity i guess

p.s. why can i run 426 on windows 7 and not windows ten ROFL
that seems idiotic to say least

odd part is ya need win ten for some of the other stuff over the last year that you wont let 7 use
or any other os for that amtter
ya know im not alone in these feelings of time to begin to look for alternatives
when the hobby guys like me start to leave its the end times
show me im wrong