Hey guys, Please help. I am trying to get my character movement to slow down over time while sprinting. Nothing seems to work

Hello you guys, I am trying to get the character movement from my character to slow down while sprinting, so it can have a smooth transition from sprinting and walking.

I set the max walk speed and tried Subtracting the float variable and nothing seems to work on my character blueprint. Does anyone have any ideas?

Hi Mate

Post what you have tried, it could just be a node or 2.


Hello leog4,

Are you subtracting the float variable from the max sped on tick or just when the input is pressed? If not,try this:

  • Make a boolean, called “isMoving” or “isSprinting” or something of the like

  • Set the boolean to be true when movement input is pressed and false when released

  • Using Event Tick, place a branch with the boolean you created as the condition

  • If the condition is true (should be defaulted to false by the way) then subtract from Max Walk Speed

Hope that works for you! If you need more clarification, ask me and I’ll try my best to help!

Good luck!