Hey Epic - curious about how you used blocking volumes in the Vehicle demo....

I noticed that in the vehicle demo, you guys used blocking volumes to define the ‘out of bounds’ for the race course, which makes total sense. I was surprised to see that there were several hundred volumes though, all painstakingly placed to follow the curves of the race course. I was just curious if you used some method to help author those, or if you placed them all by hand one by one. Also, why not make some custom piece of geometry?

I’m sure there are good reasons for why you approached it the way you did so I figured I would ask.

Collision-less meshes and blocking volumes are fast. So that’s one key aspect…
Epic did the same for UDK’s Necropolis map too, so maybe its an in-house style.
My gut says it was probably done manually as part of the interating process.
If that’s correct, it must require a lot of changing perpective to align all the volumes…

I did some more digging and there’s functionality to convert BSP’s to blocking volumes, I bet that’s what they did! Awesome :smiley:

So they blocked out the level first using only BSP…? Its a common approach and would make sense here.
Then they went back and filled it in after with collision-less modular meshes and converted the BSP to BV’s.

The only problem with doing that in general is that the collision is more blunt and won’t suit every level design.
Especially if the player can get up close and personal and explore the whole level, walking around buildings etc.
But neither the Necropolis or Vehicle game allow that. So it definitely makes sense here as the right approach…

If you right-click on a BSP (e.g. a BSP box) and choose to “replace selected actors with / blocking volume / box” then nothing happens (in 4.11. version at least).
So how to do the convert from BSP to blocking volume?

Can you do it in steps like convert BSP to SM first, then convert to BV?
Just a thought … Not at a dev machine right now to try it myself…

I found it, its not in the right-click menu, its now in the details panel at the bottem convert actor to…blocking volume. works fine with all kind of bsp brushes/forms

With the BSP selected > Actor > Convert Actor > Select a Type.

You can create complex volumes using the pen tool in top down and add points with spacebar, but I have not had much luck with this personally and find that they generally get corrupted at some point.