Hey Chance

I got a forum badge.


Thats nice

Guess what, me too!

awww yeah badges

whats a badge? wait omg I got one too!

I’d like one that just says “Rocks!” XD

Nice badges guys! I like the orange one better though. :wink:

:slight_smile: Awesome, Good to see the new forum changes finally rolling out! Anyone else notice the extreme responsiveness in the forums now ? or is it just me?

This is awesome. Until now the forums have been pretty pale visually. Hopefully avatars are soon to follow. =)

That’d be nice, for sure. Hopefully we’ll see it soon.

feels jealous

In my opinion it’s still the same, but we will see it over the week-end (there are normally just few people online) :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats to all that got a badge! :smiley:

Hey, BrUnO, check your PMs, I sent something that will make your frog feel better!

I’m extremely jealous :<

:eek: I feel naked now!
Uh oh, must figure out how to get one of this! >_>

Oh man those are sweet. I need to earn one now…

I wouldn’t mine one, even if it just said “Local forum idiot” :smiley:

What about us promoters? :stuck_out_tongue: But I dont know how or what rank that is.

How cool i got a badge too.

Take a look at this thread :slight_smile:

Oh… Neat.