Here is a simple and robust Leap Motion based 3D virtual joystick for VR apps

I implemented a simple but effective “virtual joystick” using Leap Motion. Here is a video showing the concept and how fluid and precise the movement can be with this implementation of the virtual joystick:

Here is the code on github (MIT license):

Would definitely welcome any feedback! I am new to Unreal Engine and am not a game developer (I am a VR/AR enthusiast), so no doubt I am not using Unreal Engine best practices. I have in the roadmap to do a proper Unreal implementation as a plugin/component as well as integrating with Unreal’s input system. For now I just wanted to get the idea out there since I have found it to be a very elegant and usable solution for a VR controller.

Good work, the problem its the same using a real stick in VR the motion sickness when turning

Check my movement idea for VR, and hand free for use Leap or others

basic template demo avaible in youtube video.

That is a great concept, knack!

I guess I went the opposite route where I decoupled the HMD orientation completely from movement so the HMD is only for looking around. This is important to make full use of the Oculus positional tracker since you would want to remain stationary while you use the power of the positional tracker to take a closer look at an object or inspect it from various angles.

Definitely not needing a separate controller or hand tracker is a powerful idea, though!

Hi, this looks really interesting I am hoping to integrate it into an interactive exhibition. I have experience with blueprints but am new to C++ and am struggling to follow the setup process. Specifically, I am unsure where to place the SDK in the projects library.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks