Helping understand how the ue4 works

I have probably stupid question, but can’t figure it out on my own.
How the ue4 works? Now i try learn from Shooter game example, and in visual we have file like ShooterEngine, shoterGame …
and i really don’t know where to start reading this code
i found some tutorial called ‘Unreal Engine 4’ Network Compendium, and it help a little, but without any example made step by step, still don’t know what to do.

So what is going on whe we launch a game? where evrything start?

right now i understand it like that:

  • in project settings, we set default starter map, and this map should be use to create main menu, with UMG or with class HUD and slate
  • in project settings, also set default game mode, default pawn, playercontroler, game state, player state

when we run our game, ue4 load first deafult map, and default game mode, that contains rules of the game
and this default classes take controll

but on all maps in world setting we can set difrent game mode, like create one game mode for deatch match and one for capture the flag.

am I on good path, or em I iIdiot?
and where start read this shooter game example?

Everything you said about your understanding is correct and your on the right path. However no one really uses the Hud or slate anymore as its outdated.

How Unreal Engine Works
This is quite a complex question that would take hours to fully explain and write out in post. So instead I will point you to some helpful places to get a better understanding of the Unreal Engine.

C++ Tutorials
Both these Tutorials are meant for people who don’t have any knowledge in C++, although they still might prove useful. << Getting Started with C++ by Unreal Dev Team << Tutorial Series by a Developer that you can follow step by step

**Academy **
Academy is a source of video tutorials made by Unreal.

Unreal Documentation
This has blueprint examples and explains how the C++ classes work. If you look in “Engine” it will explain the diffrent features of the engine and it will give you a basic understanding of how to leverage it.

A few things you might also want to learn about early on:
Master Materials
AI Behaviour Trees.

Also the best way to learn IMO is too just make little projects until it clicks.