[Help] World Composition Landscape amount vs size?

I want to create a huge map for my game (256km^2). Looking at the technical guide, this can be achieved in multiple landscapes sizes and amount:

A: 4(2x2) landscapes of 8129x8129
**B: **16(4x4) landscapes of 4033x4033
C: 64(8x8) landscapes of 2017x2017
D: 256(16x16) landscapes of 1009x1009

What should be the parameters on whom one should choose either?

I was thinking using more landscapes would allow the engine to unload some parts and draw less parts of the landscape.

correct me if I’m mistaken on any of the size calculations above.
I used the landscape technical guide, but I could be wrong

I would suggest you create your height map first.
of the correct size (1pixel to 1 meter). 256,000 pixels squared.

From that, you create a script to slice up the map - powershell + imagemagik, or use some utility of some sort.
not much supports the format you need (png 16bit).

Then you just create a folder, add a base level, enable world comp, and import the tiles.

do this with all of the sizes. Apply the landscape material.
Bench performance on each.

Decide what fits your game better from there.

Anything else is just a wild guess.