Help with wall running (can't launch off wall)

I’m trying to implement wall running in my prototype that’s using the default FPS project character BP. Currently the problem I’m having is that I can’t get my character to jump off the wall properly while wall running. I have some idea why this is happening but I’ll describe the setup first.
The way it’s set up is that I have a capsule collider to detect walls with the correct tag (RunWall). Then while spacebar is being held down, gravity is set to 0 and the planar constraint is set to 1 on Z (planar constraint is enabled on begin play).

Then when the collider stops overlapping with the wall, I return the gravity and constraints to normal and toggle the wall run bool off.

I’ve tried several attempts, most of which involve using Launch Character after the gravity and constraints are reset, but nothing really feels right.
Also this is my current jump setup, which is also bound to space. But changing Launch Character back to Jump had no effect.

Any help would be appreciated