Help with UE4 & UE5 VR template crashes

Hello all, first time poster. I’ve found similar questions but nothing with a concrete answer. So, I’m going through a course b on udemy for ue4 blueprint game creation. I was doing this on my 8 year old laptop with 8gb of ram and running windows 8.1. Just for kicks, I started a vr project template and linked my quest 2, and it worked, but it was horrible obviously.

I bought a new rig.
Intel I7-11700f
16gb ram
AMD Radeon rx 6600 with 8gb

Decided with a new rig, I would just install ue5 and continue my course, and ue5 runs amazingly. I also have no issues running any steamvr games through the oculus link. Again, just for kicks I decided to try the vr template but for ue5 this time.

At about 50% loaded, my cpu pegs to 100%, all 8 cores. My gpu maxes around 35%. Once inside the project, the shader compile starts, and my cpu stays at 100%. No matter whether I leave the pc alone or start doing things in the project, after about 5 minutes I’m down to around 4000 shaders left to compile. Ue5 crashes to desktop, and before my cpu drops from 100%, windows (11) blue screens and auto-restarts.

By back to regular projects with no problems. Open the vr template, crash, windows restart. Every time. I installed ue4, same exact experience. The engine runs great, I open the vr template, shader compile gets about halfway, crash to desktop, win11 blue screen, restart.

I see a lot of posts of similar crashes, but haven’t seen anything about blue screens or system restarts. I will gladly share logs if I can figure out how to upload them. In the meantime, any ideas?

Soooo… I may have found the solution to my problem. It will be a while until I can verify. I bought this pc as a pre-built system. No man’s sky and just cause 4 are giving me the same system restarts. I installed the hardware monitor software for my motherboard. I’m idling in windows around 72c temp on the cpu. When I open the vr project, during the load splash screen the temp jumps over 80c, then during the shader compile it is reaching over 100c. So I think I’m just cooking my cpu. Will update when I get better cooling…