help with the slding door

so ia m going through the UE level development tutorials for UE4and have small probelm with the secind toi last tutorial for the sliding door my door seems to go the wrong way is there a way to flip the animation so that it will go to the right when the trigger fires instead of going left.


Substract value for location or rotate blueprint by 180deg, or put -1 in scale of blueprint for x or y axis.

Best solution is to leave adding in BP network, and just rotating blueprint.

And there is even better solution: add vector variable eg. “Final_Location” or “Delta_location” that is editable from properties (small eye icon next to var name).
Then instead of constant value add this vector to local location. And in property editor you can set negative values so door slides opposite direction.

You can also do same with rotation, and you get ultimate door that can slide or rotate.