Help With Swinging Doors and Drawers With Motion Controllers

So I’m in the process of experimenting with VR in Unreal 4.13+. Since motion controllers are new to me I’m having problems with the blueprints for grabbing the door and being able to swing it open and close with physics. Same with opening and closing drawers. I know about physics restraints and I want to use the provided template by Epic in 4.13+. I’ve tried multiple plugins and the same with the Open VR Expansion template. I want to figure out a way to get these objects to work with just the current 4.13+ VR Template. Any help or thoughts?

You have a couple of options. My advise would be to look at other threads in this section because most questions have been already answered.(Except a climbing system:( )
mitchemmc latest update shows an open door example.
and mordentral plugin and template shows a door and drawer opening example.

Currently Im working on achiving this only with blueprint using math and without physics, event tick or plugin. Drawer (1 Dimension) and Door (2 Dimension) are working. But there are some problems with my math on 3 Dimension :). I guess I will post something to WIP soon.

I understand that there are plugins and other content examples but as I mentioned in the original post I was more interested in using the existing blueprints in the 4.13+ VR template without altering the blueprints or adding plugins.

This is mostly one big learning experience lol

Can you please share how to do the desk with drawers? Or the project? I would love to have that desk for a project. :slight_smile:

Thank you!