Help with slow motion button command

Ok so I been checking out a few tutorials to get slow motion down which wasn’t too hard but now I wanna have it so I can set slow motion to certain enemies when they attack the player and then have a button like A pop up and have the player push that button to either dodge or block that attack in normal speed and then repeat the process if another attack is coming. So basically enemy attacks. Everything goes in slow motion, button command A pops up for a few seconds, you press it and avoid the attack in normal speed and the enemy attack finish up in normal speed also. Then if the enemy has another attack in this all the previous actions happen again until the enemy is done with attacks. Also I guess if you don’t push the button in time you gotta get punched in the face at normal speed haha and then be ready for the next attack. Anyways I’m guessing I’ll need some variables to check when game goes into slow motion and when button is visible. Also something to check if button command was correct. Any ideas of how I can put this together would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone!

I started answering your thread then I realized many things were highly depending on game design.

What happens if several enemies attack the player in the same time?
What happens if I get hit while performing an attack?
What happens if I get hit while countering someone else?
What happens if I get hit by the guy I’m countering while in slowmo?
What happens if I get hit by another guy than the one I’m countering while in slowmo?

I’m full of questions and it’s kinda hard to help you out without the real game design behind the feature.

If you want more details, quote me with my name (it will generate a notification for me).