help with simplifying blueprint function

hello. I was wondering if you could help me with simplifying this event, which already works. I am new to unreal engine, so I might not understand some things. the thing I made is a open world combat system, using a menu to select attacks, but allowing you to move at the same time. how it works is the idea that a menu appears on the side of the screen, and the scroll wheel moves a selector up and down. while over an attack, you can click the right mouse button, as seen in picture 1, to select an attack. then, using the left mouse button, as seen in picture 2, you can use that attack. no mater where the selector is, the same chosen attack will happen, until you right click on another attack with the selector hovering over it. here is the problem: as seen in picture 2, it is really sloppy, does not allow, for now, for infinite attack methods, and does not allow, from my understanding, for the rearranging of attack’s position on the menu, witch is represented by the “attack slot” variable. also, I would like if I could trigger attacks through some sort of function or event, based on the same variable’s value. any help would be fine.