Help With Set Master Pose Component

Good afternoon everyone. So I want to use a modular pawn system to handle the armor for our game. The player won’t be wearing layers, so we’re essentially just trying to swap different torso’s, heads, legs, and hands as the player equips different gear. I’ve gotten the Set Master Pose Component node to work in the most basic way possible, but I’d like some help with some of the more complex functionality.

*Since we’re swapping out whole portions of the character’s body, we have no need for the base/parent component to actually have a mesh. Is there a way around this or should we just make a spine or other internal part of the character and use that as the base?
*Skeletal mesh components will be a part of their associated armor class. I’m going to use a simple boolean to determine if a piece of armor is equipped by the player. When it is, I need to swap the current torso, for example, with the version of the torso that is wearing the breastplate. Some suggestions on how to accomplish this would be appreciated. Do I need to redo the entire Set Master Pose Component each time, or is there a more efficient way of doing it?

Most of the documentation I’ve found regarding this feature is either incomplete or woefully out of date. Thanks for any help you guys can provide.