Help with Scene Capture Component 2d

Been researching this for awhile and I still havent found the answer yet, looking for help please.

On a standard 3rd person project I creating a widget that follows the player around and uses a scene capture component 2d and only views a selected player and nothing else.
Each player has a static cube mesh that is set to “Owner No See” so only the other players can see it. I want to see the cube on the other player through the scene capture component 2d Only and not through the regular camera as shown in the picture below.

This is in multiplayer so I cant set the owner on the object to a new owner, Ive actually tried that and still has same outcome, shows in both cameras. I dont want to switch between cameras as I want the main camera to stay.

I dont know if this is possible but I did like the “Show only Actor Component” for the scene capture, but now I want to take it a step further and only show a static mesh inside that selected that is shown. I have also tried “Show only Component” and that is same results, shows the cube in both cameras.

I am not a newbie at blueprints and been slashing at this for a month… I am trying to avoid touching the main engine code but I dont mind creating additional c++ code if necessary as long as it doesnt edit source code from engine.