Help with randomly generated question

Hi. I am working on a quiz that randomly selects a question to ask. I have two arrays. One for questions and one for answers. My blueprint is set up so that they display together. You are shown a question, allowed to come up with your answer, and then you can click a button and display the answer from the second array. From there you tell it whether you were right or wrong. I want it so that if you get the question right 3 times consecutively, it stops asking you the question. So, if you answer correctly it adds 1 to a Question_# int. If you miss a question, it sets Question_#=0. The blueprint is set up so that once you answer, it randomly generates a number within the array, then checks to see if the Question_# corresponding to that number is =3. If false, it displays the question. If true, its supposed to generate another random number and then plugs back into the first if statement.

Except that it doesn’t. It just displays a new question. I tested it by setting all of my Question_# ints = to three except for 2. It should have bounced back and forth between those two until they all reached 3, but its not. Is my logic sound, or have I missed something?