Help with possible Master's Thesis

In short I need help deciding if what I want to try for my Master’s Thesis is doable, both in general and in my ability (it doesn’t take a team of 20 at Microsoft or Epic Games to do for example).

After watching a Microsoft Build conference about Directx12 I wanted to mimic what was presented there for my thesis. What they did was use the multi-adapter feature of DX12 to take a small portion of the postprocessing work when rendering a frame and hand it off to the iGPU, which is going entirely unused if you have a discrete card.

Do you think workload is possible for a single student? What would it entail? Any tips? I would have to be able to do this within a year. If you need more info from me feel free to ask! I would really appreciate any feedback or ideas. Thanks!

Here is the Microsoft Build article about it.

You would need to know or learn C++, UE4 Rendering Pipeline and GPU programming. If you know C++, the rest should be doable in a year (or less).

Start by reading the RHI code for the Directx 12, as well as the shader code.