Help with Oculus Remote Teleport Blueprint

I’m struggling to recreate the following;

Similar to the VR template supplied with Unreal 4.13+ but with Oculus Remote and headset rotation functionality.

  • So the teleport indicator follows any flat plane surfaces just like the template
  • Then to be able to press and HOLD the Oculus remote Enter button to lock a location and before releasing, to be able to use the headset to aim which direction to be facing once you teleport.
    (so almost like drawing a line away from the teleport indicator to give off the rotation value). A visual indicator could be the arrow faces your rotation value.
    -Release Remote Enter, and boom!

Currently the VR template relies on the game pad only and you have to hold the X button, followed by use the left stick to point the arrow left or right, then use the headset to further adjust this! Ugh! Its great, but you can only imagine a clients headache with this!

I’d happily pay for this feature template + I also think it would be a useful template for everyone looking for a simple Oculus remote setup for non computer literate clients to navigating an environment without the need for over complicated game pads + twisted headset cables trying to face the right direction all the time.

Thanks! …

I just started trying to do the same and finally got the remote enter to teleport in a level blueprint. I’m going to work on the orientation next.