Help with nvidias apex sdk and physx sdk + Money$

Hey ue4 community.

I´m having trouble setting up nvidias APEX sdk and phyxs sdk so i can have Gpu simulated destruction.

I keep getting errors in visual studio 2015. I have installed c++ buildtools and windows sdk and windows WDK, but to no awail.

Any info would be helpfull :slight_smile:
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I´m willing to pay 10 dollars if somebody makes a** video on it. setting up apex sdk/physx sdk and enabling destruction gpu simulated.**

Unreal Engine 4 already uses PhysX, the 4.14 uses the 3.4 what is not released public yet. But in other hand don’t thing is that easy as setup the lib, you will have to change the engine code in order to make it work with GPU I imagine…

Not only PhysX but APEX destructible meshes are already implemented, simply import your .APX or .APB files or use the built in destructible tool to create one from a static mesh in the UE4 editor.

i know that it already has cpu destruction. that is what i dont want (too laggy)

im trying to set this up PhysX Destruction | NVIDIA Developer im using the github source.