Help with Minimap like in MOBAs

I can find lots of resources on how to make RPG like minimaps with the minimap centered around the player but I want a global minimap like in MOBAs. What’s frustrating is that I know it’s easier to make since there aren’t many transformations except for scale but I suck at math and would really love a tutorial or guidance or a step by step process.

Can someone guide me on how to make this?


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Try and tool around with Transform Location and Inversetransform Location nodes. I haven’t actually used these for minimaps so this is just speculation. But I believe you can take an actor’s location in worldspace, inversetransform that value then apply it to a relative position of a pawn on a minimap.

Go step by step, first make a 2d map. Give it some kind of ratio, 1 px = 1 ue4 unit. Then calculate where the character is on that map. so if the character is in -1000 units, the character should be -1000 px on the map.+1000 should be +1000 px and so on.

This is depending on the map having a 0.5 pivot.So 0,0 in world should be in the middle of the map.

Then center the minimap to that position. So if character is in world location -500 +500… Center the minimap in canvas to position (or translation) -500 +500…

There is a lot of stuff to do, but just go step by step and figure out how you can create a calculation between character in world to a 2d space (the map)

A node which will help is the Map To Range Clamped Node,

I can think of two ways of doing this, one is you have a miniversion of your map from a top down perspective somewhere in the scene, which you capture with a render target, you could then put actors above this which copy the movements of the players in game but on 1/100 of the scale (or whatever the scale is) then feed that render target to the UI. This would be the easiest way.

The other way would be to do it all inside the UI, getting the players’ locations then mapping them to a range, using this to work out what screen space location each players radar blip needs to be on the screen, I would prefer this way because your gonna have more control and I think you can make this method look better graphically, I think it would be less prone to producing bugs once it was set up correctly as well.

I haven’t looked trough this tutorial, but I found it when I was searching for something else. Hope it contains what you are looking for. It looks like it is what you are looking for.
Edit : Nvm, it was not a tutorial to create the minimap, but how to configure a marketplace one.

My way to make a minimap is using dynamic material instance with several parameter, “offset” for moving the texture , “rotation” for rotate the texture.So i can get the pawn’s location and rotation every tick by a minimap widget for setting those parameter to make pawn moving on the map.