Help with making a spike bed using instances.

Hi all, I’m very new to unreal and new to blueprints and programming in general. I’m trying to make a spike bed using instances, here’s what I’ve done so far and I going nuts as I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I’m attaching my blue prints and the result any help will be appreciated.


Are you aware the not all EXEC not are connected.

Between your 2 sets / vectors?


xD Happen to me sometimes

Happens to everyone.

Watched UE4 tutorials, they do it… Zak :open_mouth:


I connected them just after posting here, I had them disconnected to test something, but that’s not the problem, I think I am not able to figure out the logic to have them aligned just within the bed.

I’ve made some progress. But I’m still very far from the desired result. 28e198bd8fe497fb3253874a5f4061ecb92da372.pngSpikes_in_game.png

Ahh finally done. Here’s what I didfullGraph.png to get this Spikes_in_game.png