Help with lighting...please :-)

Hi there

I was hoping somebody could offer some advice on how to resolve some of the lighting issues I am experiencing in my level. I have had a look on various forum threads, did some research on youtube and unreal documentation but so far have not been able to resolve an issue I have with shadows.

Please see the screenshot below which shows how dark the tree shadows are.


I am also having an issue where my foliage is not always (most instances) cast a shadow. However, if there is a shadow, then it seems to be quite static.


And, lastly. Are there any tips/tricks you can share with me to enhance the overall lighting of my scene? I am sure once I get the shadows fixed that my scene will have more “atmosphere” but it currently feels quite cold and lifeless.

I appreciate any help or advise shared :-).


For ambient light add a skylight. Directional light with an intensity of 6-8 and skylight with intensity 1-2 provides most realistic looking lighting typically.

Hi there, thanks for the advice, I do have a skylight and directional light in my scene. I will adjust the settings and see if it improves the look. Any chance you know why I am having these issues with the shadows?