Help With Landscape Streaming Distance Errors?

I’m currently having this problem with 4.22. I have enabled HLOD’s , generated LOD’s for all of my tiles, set them all on a streaming layer in World Composition with 200,000 distance setting. Yet, when I still play the game, I have tiles not displaying even though the editor window says they are loaded in. I’ve been stuck on this problem for a few days now.

In this picture you can see where I’m standing at the apex of a mountain and directly in front of me is a loaded tile, however to left and right of that tile there’s nothing. Even though in the editor window it’s saying that all tiles are loaded. I for the life of my have not been able to solve this issue.

> HLOD’s activated (but can’t create as unreal thinks i don’t have “Use HLOD’s” set to true in all of my sublevels. [which i do] so, I don’t know what’s going on there)
> I have all tiles set in a World Composition layer with a streaming distance of 200,000 (I’ve even tried playing with higher numbers such as 500k and 250k with no noticeable change)
> I’ve generated 4 LOD’s for each tile using UE4’s LOD Generation tool and set the streaming distances manually to 200,000 for the furthest generated LOD

This is really perplexing lol and any help would be greatly appreciated. If there’s no way to fix this using the standard World Composition settings, I can create the Blueprint Collision Box workaround, as I’ve already started an implementation of that just in case. You can find that thread here: Effecient World Composition Level Streaming with Blueprints

more screens:



Same Problem here…

Did you get any help or figure this out? This is the second dead topic related to level LODs and world composition I’ve run across.

Generally speaking (doesn’t mean this is true for the landscape on the current version) LODs are setup with screen size instead of distance. The landscape is instead setup with streaming distances.
The times I have had issues with it, it has generally been resolved by re-creating the base level from scratch and moving the tiles back into the new folder / setting the distances from scratch, and even re-creating the lods. It just depends a bit in which portion gets stuck.
Also, generally test on a published version rather then PIE.