Help with fixing skeleton

Hi everyone,
Recently I have decided to play with Unreal Engine Control Rig. I have downloaded a model of a character, fixed him a little bit and started the construction of a rig. But I have found out that something is wrong with his arms: they appear to deform in unexpected ways.
The very same thing is happening with retargeted animations.

What can cause these issues?

It looks like the bones are rotated an almost full 360. Along with other bones.

The best way to fix it is probably to move the mesh over to an imported mannequin, delete the mannequin and adjust the length of the bones to match the mesh.

You then have to re-parent the bones to their weight paint. Can be a pain, but if retargeting doesn’t just fix the issue that’s the best and probably quickest way to fix up issues given by the rotations.

Do keep in mind that the original weight paint is probably tied to the current joint locations.
What’s that mean?
It means that the original weight paint may not work well with the new pivot points of the epic skeleton…

Hey I had this issue as well. Make sure under your skeleton tree you check “Select Retargeting Options” then set all the bones to skeleton rather than animation. That is what fixed that issue for me. Let me know if that works! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. The retargeting is going well now and I have decided to stay with CCDIK for now, because I’m sure this is Blender export errors and there will be way to fix this.