Help with exporting chars from rigging toolkit

Hello everyone I have tried my best but to no avail with exporting a character from the maya toolkit into udk and then exporting an animation with it.
Is there any chance someone could do a tutorial on first exporting a character created with the rigging toolkit into the engine.
And then Attaching an animation created with the kit onto that character inside the engine.
I get issues like no valid bone heirachy and when I managed to get the skeletal inside the engine the animation I exported using the rig said the bone names did not match
when they did.
I have watched the large episode of videos epic has released and I know its a very noob thing to post.
I am getting familiar with maya I can animate but nothing is importing.
It would be greatly appreciated if someone could do one or inform me with steps to doing it succesfully.
It is not an fbx version issue .

Thank you all very much.

My advice would be to not use the rigging tools, it’s a million times easier to rig a character without them. They’re really only useful if you have hundreds of models to rig very fast, but are by no means a “magic bullet” for rigging.
I have tutorials on my channel for rigging in Maya and 3ds Max, specifically for exporting to Unreal Engine, (3 and 4).
I also have tons of stuff on animation too.
You’re obviously new to 3d modelling and content creation, so don’t over-complicate your learning with such things as "auto-rig"or “auto-uvw”. Start with the basics, (modelling/rigging are basic)

Hey really appreciate it Its weird I have successfully gotten my own rigs in there 1 for a weapon and character I used 3ds max and ue4 has no problems.
I just wished they wouldve made a small video on how to export the custom prototype mannequins correctly.
Thanks Lex appreciate it.