Help with error: 'No_Detailed_Info_Specified' returned normal with incorrect length (0.000000)

When running a listen server i occasionally get this error spam my logs:

Log: ZELC: Component 'ColdWoodBurner.StaticMeshes.wood_burner' with Owner 'No_Detailed_Info_Specified' returned normal with incorrect length (0.000000).  ChkActor: ColdLootContainer_Ammo_1 (ColdLootContainer_Ammo coldtestcougars.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.ColdLootContainer_Ammo_1)

Has anyone experienced this before and/or know what is causing it? Cheers

I have these problem with one staticmesh, a gate for the city. Don’t know why. The mesh has two uv channels, the second is to add dirt. But other pieces have the same and no problem.