Help with enemy death animation

I’ve been trying to implement a death animation on an enemy where once the animation was finished, the enemy would then disappear via Destroy Actor. The problem though is the animation won’t play as long as it’s connected to the Destroy Actor event. If I remove the Destroy Actor event, then the animation will play, leaving the enemy moving around stuck in a permanent death throe.

How can I get the death animation to play in conjunction with the Destroy Actor event?

Does anyone have any idea on what I’m doing wrong?

The issue here is that the start of your animation and the destroy actor are being called on the same frame.

What you can do instead is create an anim notify and put it at the end of the animation and call the destroy actor from there.

To do you create a new anim notify blueprint like so:

Than in the notify you need to override the Received Notify function and destroy the owning actor of the mesh comp like so:

Now you just need to add the notify to your death animation.

If you need some sort of logic to occur when the actor is destroy there is a function override for Destroyed in an actor based blueprint. So you can run stuff like add scored or what ever in that function.

Add a delay(lets say 3 seconds) between [Play Animation] and [Destroy Actor] nodes.

What happens is that the program destroys your actor without waiting for it to finish the animation.

Sorry for the belated response but your solution worked perfectly, thanks for the help!