Help with Download Images in UE4.9

Hi there folks, It seems that I got some problems with a project of mine. I’m currently working on an online dating simulation (browser game, html5, mySQL database, jsonPlugin [thanks to stefander]). So there are quite much images to load over the net.

But it seems that the “downloadImage”-node was removed due to new update to 4.9.

I tought I could store the image inside the database… encode it to base64… decode it inside ue4 and convert it somehow to an UTexture2D… quite an overhead I know… but Im quite new to ue4… so I got no clue how to archive this.

If there is anybody who know a way to 1.) directly download images via URL, OR 2.) to convert a base64 decoded string to an UTexture2D that’d be reeeaally nice.

I’d be more than thankfull If anybody could help me out.

Greetz Tommy