Help with door movment using timeline - blueprint

so i started to learn how I can open and close the door using timeline, now the problem is, I want to set a specific timeline movment for opening the door and a specific timeline movment for closing the door. now, in many cases I saw people just attched their event to the “play” and the “reverse” of the same timeline node which results in the same movement (animation) for opening and closing, when opening it’s playing forward and the closing it’s the reverse of the excat same movment. so I tried to build a different timeline with different movement for my closing door animation, but when I try to play the game after I settle everything down in the event graph, it does show excatly what I wanted but after I open the door and close it once, after that, both timeline movements are not working at all and when I try to open the door or close it, it’s just completly ignores from my event graph and it doesn’t play the movements I want to, instead it’s playing an animation that the door opens and closed directly from 0 degree to 90 degree instantly without using the movements I wanted. (which is very weird because in no place in my event graph there is that option). I’ll put an image of that particular event graph. I would love to get some help and thank you for reading. (BTW sorry if my english is a little bit weird it’s not my native language)


Did you try to use Play from Start instead of Play for your timelines?

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Oh yeah thank you! it worked! thanks